Its been a day since the redmi note 8 updates came to all redmi note 8 pro devices, because of that the smartphone felt more advanced in its user interface and minor bug fixes also helped it to solve certain issues that have been lagging for a quite while now but now it seems to be solved.

So in this video, I will showcase the best changes brought to you by miui 12 in redmi note 8 pro devices in these updates, so without any further delay let’s get started.

 So there are 10 things to be noticed 

Note: do not mention the 1 point instead 

First on the list will be note app

 Now If you go to the notes section you are getting the ability to create folders within notes and adding them later, not only that you also get a schedules task tab option for task management with reminders settings. Since the app was too boring they have added animated skins for your daily notes just a touch of beauty you could say

  1. Second-addition of floating window directly from notification shade  where you can, just drag and slide any pop up notification to get the floating window, and for other tricks like hold it to any corner to minimize it, double tap on it to resize it, long drag to view in full-scale view mode
  2. The third call app changes-there is now  color identification for all calls that is in green and blue for your phonebook area
  3. Like for example if you are calling someone and wants to go back you get a quick toggle at the all calls area with a reminder bar for the tap to call back
  4. The fifth part is not a feature but its an eyedrops thing yes the fluidity on miui 12 is massive is just like using a 75hz display panel in a 60 Hz display phone it’s so so smooth,
  1. Sixth wifi change-if you go to setting menu-then wifi-then the connected wifi will be displayed with blue box along with a refreshing animated icon element for the addition of available networks.

Besides now you also get all the information related to your connected wifi network by just clicking on the right arrow beside the blue box for advanced details

  1. Bluetooth interface has also been changed like if you select any added Bluetooth devices a blue notification highlights just hover over it to make it more stealthy and dynamic with great user experience
  1. Battery and performance UI elementary change-if you go to setting-battery and performance- now you can see some kind of battery meter to display the level of your battery, and yes you can optimize it, by hitting the optimize button with the best ever interface change,  in  addition, you get  ultra battery saver mode to make the phone running all day, with new battery animated battery stats and graphs….ooo so exciting
  1. Now miui 12 lets you decide which privacy access you want to choose for any app like you can decide on your own to give your choice of privacy accessibility to any app,and really that helps becs you arer no longer forced to give all privacy access features to any app
  1. Major changes in the security app like cleaner get great visual UI changes, with their partners like security scan, boost speed, and deep clean. along with optimizing section of the phone, the major improvement you can say its UI changed a lot and that’s totally cool


so guys that was pretty much it for the blog. I hope you people will find this interesting, and after reading this I want you people to just go to your phone and try all these beautiful features from miui 12 for every Xiaomi device. and once again thank you for coming to the site.

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